Resources for the decentralized web:

(a.k.a dWeb, Web 3.0, New Web)

block chain technologies,


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What is Web 3?

Simply put, Web 3 is the next evolution of the internet after Web 2. OK, that is not the answer you are looking for. You want to know what makes up Web 3. Where does Web 2 end and Web 3 begin? For the short answer, blockchain technology and the web becoming decentralized (dWeb) start the next interation of the internet.  Some components of Web 3 are usable (check out or dWebsite Directory Here), some have just started being developed, and some have not even been thought of yet! This website is dedicated to providing information about everything Web 3. Hold on tight because this ride into the future is going to get wild.

The Future is Decentralized.

Resources for the New Internet

(a.k.a. Decentralized Web, dWeb, Web 3)

blockchain technologies / cryptocurrencies / and more.

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