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This Code Works for Both App & Exchange Referral Programs

Wallet App & Online Exchange Has 2 Referral Programs

One for the App (iOS & Android) and one for the Exchange (Web)


You can use both and stack your bonuses!



(New user, person using the code)


paid out by



(Existing user, person supplying the code)

Programs combined as described below.

App Referral Program


This program has one set value for every referral code.

ALL referral codes pay out $100 USD for the app referral program: $50 to the Referee and $50 to the Referrer. Referee must reserve any Composite Metal Visa Card for to pay the Bonus.


Click Here for a full breakdown of the App Referral Program.


Referral Program


This program pays out according to the amount of CRO staked on the exchange by the Referee.

The referee needs to stake 5000 CRO on the exchange for to pay out $100 USD: $50 goes to the referee and $50 to the referrer. The referrer gets anywhere from $10 to $2000 depending on how much is staked by the referee. The referrer also gets 50% of the referees trading fees for 12 months.


NOTE: the referee can only get a maximum of $50 for the exchange referral program regardless of the amount of CRO staked. Don't let SCAMMERS fool you! Click Here for a full breakdown of the Exchange Referral Program.

Technically, will pay out $2,150 if the referee stakes 5M CRO on the exchange!

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