Referral Code SCAM Alert!

Updated: Mar 26 has a great Referral Program and unfortunately some people are abusing the the system by lying to people for their own financial gain. First, let's be very clear as to how the Referral Program really works.​When someone uses a Valid Referral Code, will pay out $100 USD: $50 of that goes to the person using the Referral Code and the other $50 goes to the person supplying that Referral Code. It is that simple. All the Referral Codes posted all over the internet fall under this program REGARDLESS of what the person says who is providing the code.​

We have seen Referral Codes posted on the internet that promise $80 to the user of the code. Would not be surprised if we saw a Referral Code on the internet promising $1,000 to the user! Oh, how about this one. There is a person on a popular discussion board who is promoting his Referral Code as "Buy $50, Get $50." What does that even mean?! That does not even make sense. Buy what? lol. That one does make us laugh a little.​We hope you were able to read this before using a Scam Referral Code.

The good news is you won't be losing any money regardless of what code you use. The only difference is you may be expecting to get $1000 when all you really get is $50. Plus, you make a Scammer $50 richer.​

Of course you don't have to use our Referral Code: SM3DSQ52A5. But if you do, Thank You! If you choose to use someone else's Referral Code then we ask you please don't use a code from someone who is lying. We should not support that type of behavior. Better yet, maybe you have a friend or family that has a Referral Code to give you. I am sure they would appreciate the extra money.

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